So Much Yarn! But What To Do With It?

Is a lack of ideas holding you back?

In the Southern New Jersey group where I learned to weave, it wasn't unusual to hear classmates (including me) sigh as they neared the end of a project: "Oh no, now I have to figure out what to make next." If you, too, sometimes suffer from what I call FOWTS (fear of where to start), this short class can be a valuable addition to your fiber art design toolbox. Think of it like warming up your muscles before a big workout.

Symptoms of FOWTS

(Fear of where to start)

  • staring at your yarn stash like it's a full refrigerator where you can't find anything to eat;

  • walking by your naked loom or knitting needles and feeling guilty about not using them;

  • scrolling endlessly through beautiful fiber projects on social media wishing you were that creative

In Color, Pattern, Shape Part 1:

you will...

  • Learn an exercise to spark your creativity
  • Practice techniques to help you visualize your ideas
  • Gain confidence in your own design skills
  • Shake off design paralysis so you can get back to doing what you love...creating things with yarn!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Generating Ideas

    • Welcome to the course

    • Karen Donde's L-shaped sliding viewers template

    • How to earn your $10 discount for Color, Pattern, Shape Part 2

    • Building an ideas file

  • 2

    Sorting & Classifying

    • Sort images into three piles

    • Identify your favorites

  • 3

    Narrowing the choices

    • Hmmm...why do I like these?

    • Send me your favorites

  • 4

    Pulling it all together

    • Formulating your big idea

    • Sharing your ideas

  • 5

    Thank you!

    • Happy Creating!

    • Please let me know how you liked this course.

Enroll now.

Put yourself on the path to designing your next fiber art project. And, when you complete the course, you'll earn a $10 discount off Color, Pattern, Shape Part 2, coming soon. You'll find out how in the class.